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Industry: consulting, information technology, and outsourcing
Client: Capgemini 

Capgemini is a French company providing services in the IT, financial and banking markets. It is also on the famous Fortune 500 list. It has been present in Poland since 1996, and operates extensive activities in several departments in eight cities, including Krakow, Wroclaw and Warsaw. 

Capgemini is a complex, efficient organism. It combines the work of four main departments: Business Service (banking and financial operations), Software Solutions Center, Cloud Infrastructure Services (global customer service in IT solutions and technical support), and Application Services (development of technologies). 

The Application Services department is also a training and development center where the IT experts create and develop new technologies in real time projects. This contributes not only to the growth of Capgemini’s overall potential but also to the creation and development of new global solutions. 

This complexity of Capgemini was a key to understanding the needs related to the office leasing process. From the beginning, we were aware that all ongoing processes would be carried out in close cooperation with Capgemini’s partners. Therefore, we always kept Capgemini’s multi-level structure in mind and stayed in contact with all parties.

The challenge

Capgemini was carrying out two projects with its contractor and needed a space where two teams of IT specialists and lawyers could work. The most important requirement was to find an office as close as possible to the contractor’s location.

In the early stages of our collaboration, we focused on finding the right office. Once again we realized that the most important factor is the thorough understanding of the client’s needs, not just those related to the office space itself. We learned about Capgemini’s decision making process, philosophy, mission, and vision, especially because in this case the needs were expressed not only by the company’s headquarters but also by individual departments.

Our solution

The challenge we encountered was a very precisely defined office and communication with people on all levels of decision making chain. Our collaboration was based on frequent contact and a detailed specification of the technical aspects of the future office. Every specific workflow was taken into consideration. We also worked with a legal department which approved formal arrangements of contracts and documents. 

Clear communication and quickly established trust let us cooperate smoothly, despite the complexity of Capgemini’s structure. As a result, we were able to coordinate the entire process of finding a new office from the beginning to the successful end. 


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