“The local tech scene is exciting! It feels like Silicon Valley where I spent recent years. Our new office not only meets the requirements but this type of workspace, shared with other companies, provides us with huge networking possibilities and an opportunity for business cooperation with other high tech companies.”

Krzysztof Raś
VP Engineering and Head of Bitpanda Technology Poland

Industry: FinTech
Featured client: Bitpanda

After securing the largest Series A funding round in Europe in 2020, Bitpanda is expanding its team in a new market: Poland. Here at ShareSpace, we are glad we could support their growth by providing Bitpanda with a flexible workspace for skilled professionals.

New market, new office

Entering a new market is always challenging and it is crucial to have partners that understand the demands of the situation. With headquarters in Vienna, Bitpanda decided to establish a world-class Technology & Innovation Hub in Krakow, where they plan to employ a team of 300+. “Our core challenge is scalability – the ultimate goal is to have a product that scales seamlessly for millions of users during a bull run. Our task is to build a system that can scale faster than our user base. To pull this off, we decided to tap into the vibrant Polish tech scene” – says Christian Trummer, CTO and Co-Founder of Bitpanda. “There, we want to attract and hire the most skilled professionals from the whole region.” 

Rise Imperial flexible office space in Cracov
Rise Imperial: a flexible office space operator in Cracov

Space that grows with the company

Bitpanda needed a workspace that facilitates creativity and boosts innovation by:

• being flexible
• being attractive (Silicon Valley type)
• offering cost-effective solutions for various stages of company growth
• facilitating new talents acquisition 

In other words, a modern, flexible office space that would grow in alignment with the company.

Krzysztof Raś, VP Engineering at Bitpanda
Krzysztof Raś, VP Engineering at Bitpanda

How we worked

Our advisory team was expected to quickly and efficiently prepare the comparison of the best locations and present a dedicated solution to Bitpanda HQ in Vienna, even before the country representative for Poland was recruited. As soon as Krzysztof Raś, VP Engineering and Head of Bitpanda Technology Poland, commenced his duties, together we visited a range of locations, and subsequently, we were able to narrow down the search to 2 flexible workspaces. Then we proceeded to the negotiation of lease terms. Thanks to the technology provided by our platform, each party (HQ in Austria, country manager in Pl, space provider) had a full insight into the entire, end-to-end process.

Meeting the expectations

Bitpanda team in Poland marked the beginning of 2021 with moving into their new workspace in an A class office building of Imperial, Cracow (flexible space operator: Rise). In the first stage of team development, a dedicated workspace seats up to 30 people, allowing a further growth opportunity within the same location.  

Each floor at Rise, Imperial, has a little bit different ambience: ie. one is more business-oriented, and its facilities include a business lounge with leather armchairs next to a fireplace, then another floor is more colorful, with a tech/startup-like feeling. Rise provides a range of amenities: from nap rooms and other chillout areas with a foosball table, billiards & PlayStation to a podcast recording studio. Interestingly enough, there is unlimited and free access to conference rooms that each team/company can book. Changing rooms with showers for bikers, the underground parking, networking events like a sushi or pizza day are a nice perk.


Imperial is located in a business district of Cracow, easily accessible via public transportation, next to a restaurant area, and only 5 minutes away from a shopping mall. 


The solutions offered by ShareSpace allowed completing the transaction in a month.

If you’d like to explore and compare various workspaces, use our real-time & real price Search tool 🙂 

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