“It was a very seamless process. Obviously, it was very quick as well. In the film industry, that’s the norm for us. We find out we need something really last minute and need to get it immediately.”

Sally Ghaly, Assistant to Producers at Hero Squared
Hero Squared film productions

Industry: Film Production
Client: Hero Squared

Sally Ghaly, Assistant to Producers at Hero Squared

Hero Squared is a Budapest-based production company offering content development and production services for feature film, television, and commercial projects in Hungary and the CEE region. They have managed productions for major US and international studios since their founding in 2018, with co-founders Daniel Kresmery and Jonathan Halperyn bringing nearly 40 years of collective industry experience to their clients.

The Challenge

Our Client, “TA KZ Film,” a project-based sub-production team of Hero Squared, was looking for an immediate but temporary office space for a total of 18 workstations. Due to the technical nature of their job, the space needed to provide a number of clearly defined requirements. 

-“We were going to be doing post-production and editing. There could be a lot of people listening to video clips and a lot of conflicting audio, so we needed to make sure that we have separate spaces that are near to each other. For editing, we needed to be able to remove the lights from the rooms and blackout the sunlight. Office buildings that had some flexible solutions were really appealing for us.”

Other needs:
-Convenient location, guaranteeing crew members a smooth commute to and from the airport
-24/7 access to the premises to cater to the company’s flexible work hours across different time zones
-Privacy within their offices with multiple rooms located in a cluster
-Additional private meeting rooms
-Reception and a common staff area

New Work BJ48 Business Center
New Work BJ48 Business Center, Budapest

Our solution

Thanks to the ShareSpace real-time search engine, our Client found a location that best matched their specific needs.
Located on the 3rd floor of New Work’s BJ48 venue, this fully furnished L-shaped office offered all the benefits of a serviced workspace: furniture, high-speed internet connection, office cleaning, seat-registry, and the usage of the common areas. Meeting the Client’s essential requirement of blackout stickers for the windows wasn’t a problem either, as this venue has had a history of hosting Film Production Companies and was ready to provide such equipment.

The results

“Having a platform where I could look at multiple options in multiple languages was really useful for me specifically. As someone who has never looked for office space before, it was nice to have all these different categories just to make it easier”- commented Sally, Assistant to Producers at Hero Squared – “You know, sometimes I don’t even know what I need until I see what the options are. I think it’s very user-friendly for other people who might not know what they need”.

The results speak for themselves as thanks to ShareSpace, it was possible to sign a record-time deal in only 2 days. The platform proved to be a key channel, not only allowing for a quick and effective office search but also a direct communication tool between the company’s decision-makers and the venue operator.  


Besides boasting a beautiful architectural design, the main advantage of New Work’s BJ48 office is its great location in the heart of Budapest. A close distance from the Arany János metro station, this venue is situated near the governmental district and bank quarter, surrounded by excellent restaurants and coffee shops. 


-“We needed [an office] quickly, and so that need made me very proactive,” – explained Sally – “Thankfully, Cecilia (Sales Manager of New Work Offices) and Kinga (ShareSpace Real Estate Strategy Manager) were also very proactive people as well.”

As time was of the essence for our Client, ShareSpace made it possible to remove all possible delays and help finalize the deal in a truly record time.

-“This was my first time using the ShareSpace platform, and I would say that it’s really easy to understand and really easy to navigate through. We were able to get the signatures within a day or two. It was really easy to communicate,” – commented Cecilia, Sales Manager of New Work Offices.

If you are looking for a new office that answers your specific needs, our search engine is a great way to easily search and compare hundreds of workspaces. Our Sharespace Advisors are always happy to answer any questions that you may have. 🙂

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