Why? Not only because of the modern design, but above all because of the relatively low cost of renting a place to work. What is more, start-ups are sources of innovation that enrich workspaces.

Coworking spaces are a great environment for establishing contacts with other entrepreneurs. A few desks away you may find someone who, thanks to his skills, can change your business into an even more prosperous one.

Coworking can greatly facilitate the start of a new business and provide flexibility as the company grows. You can add team members at any time without incurring unnecessary costs.

Pros of coworking

Taking part of coworking brings number of advantages, such as the possibility of using the workspace 24 hours a day, access to conference rooms, reception services, administrative services, a shared place to store bicycles, showers, coworking in various locations as part of the same operator, access to workshops and educational events, as well as unlimited coffee or snacks included in the rental price.

Coworking has a comprehensive character. It simplifies the accounting and tax preparation, because all services are consolidated into one monthly invoice. Moreover it is the space operator, not your company, who cares for the maintenance and cleaning the office. Additional rental services, such as office heating, furniture and facilities like coffee machines, microwave ovens or fridges are also the space operator’s responsibilities.

The types of workstations in coworking

Usually, in coworking spaces you can choose from three different types of workplaces. The most popular are coworking desks, also called hot desks, so you can work at any desk that is available. Another type of workstations are dedicated desks, which are reserved to be used only by you. Another option is so called serviced offices, which are private offices separated from the common space. You still have access to the coworking community, but your office is a separate unit.

Depending on the type of space you chose, the cost vary. Renting private office in a coworking space is more expensive than renting a dedicated desk, while access to hot desks is the cheapest option.

The coworking membership usually includes a number of conveniences, such as:

– a desk and a chair (depending on the type of membership it can be any available desk, dedicated desk or private office)

– high-speed Internet

– access to a shared printer / scanner / copy machine

– access to the conference room

– coffee / tea and kitchen facilities, including fridge and microwave

The coworking membership is also flexible, comfortable and professional working environment, supporting productivity,  social interactions and valuable business contacts.

Sounds cool, but is it expensive?

Entrepreneurs who are looking for a professional workspace, opting for coworking are not burdened with high initial costs and long-term commitment. One of the main advantages of coworking is the elimination of additional initial costs, which are unavoidable in the case of a long-term lease of a traditional office. Coworking space is associated with the possibility of month to month lease agreement. According to data collected by ShareSpace, prices for hot desks in a coworking spaces vary between PLN 300 and PLN 900 per month in Poland. The price difference is influenced by several factors.

First of all, estate prices in a given area. The price is also influenced by the quality of the building, in which the coworking space is located. This means high-end finishing materials used in the building and applied technological and ecological solutions. The availability of such facilities as, for example, parking, cafeteria or gym are also important. The cost of a workplace in well-connected city districts is usually higher. The appropriate location should be apple of the eye of start-up entrepreneurs, because it affects the company’s image as well as its development.

Following the trend of digitization of sharing economy services, ShareSpace gives coworking proper transparency and simplicity of renting. Find a coworking place for yourself and your company.

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