This week, Google received approval to build a massive office and residential campus in the heart of San Jose. It will include 7.3 million square feet of office space for 20,000 workers and thousands of residential units.

The “Downtown West” project has been under review by the San Jose City Council since 2017. Now, the company and the council of California’s third-largest city have reached an agreement.

Google will develop about 80 acres of land and build a residential, retail, and office space for Google employees and San Jose residents.

The campus will house 4,000 homes and 7.3 million square feet of office space. Google also plans to build 300 hotel rooms and 800 “short-term apartments” for the company’s guests.

Google megacampus San Jose
The Downtown West campus will include offices, residential areas, retail and parks

Campus for 20,000 people

The cost of the Downtown West campus has not yet been disclosed. Google estimates that the project’s total value to the city will be at least $1 billion (not including office space).

Construction could begin next year, and it could take up to a decade to complete. In the future, 20,000 people could work there. When completed, the 80-acre site will be one of Google’s most prominent office complexes to date.

Google employees come back to work

The approval comes when some of the company’s employees are voluntarily returning to their offices. Earlier in May, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that the search engine giant would introduce a new hybrid workplace plan in which most employees will work outside of an office three days a week. As part of the same plan, Pichai said Google would also give its employees more freedom to move between offices.

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