ShareSpace disrupts the real estate market with tech solutions. We are releasing a new dashboard to make office search faster and easier than ever.

At ShareSpace, we believe that workspaces are a catalyst for business and personal growth. This is why we want to make finding the right office accessible for everyone. 

We are the only company in the world providing the end-to-end and fully digital office lease experience. We connect businesses with traditional and flexible workspace providers, offering a five-step process – from search to e-signature. With ShareSpace, you will lease the office in a structured and transparent manner, faster than anywhere else and with the best price guarantee. 

Today we present you with our new dashboard, which makes leasing the office effective through technology. 

What’s new in the ShareSpace dashboard?

👉 Structured and transparent 5-step office lease process 

We provide you with a structured 5-step process of the office lease: Connect => Tour => Offer => Agreement => Manage. Each step is divided into smaller, easy-to-follow stages. The help from ShareSpace and a tutorial is available at all stages.  

👉 ShareSpace Advisor’s help

ShareSpace dashboard intuitive interface makes the navigation smooth and straightforward. You can go through our transparent process on your own or ask a ShareSpace Advisor. The Advisors’ help is available at every stage and free of charge.

👉 Office comparison powered by real-time data

You can search for your perfect office using our search engine, powered by real-time data. Compare your options with instant, customizable comparison tool, including pricing and availability, and share it with your team.

👉 Standardized offer 

We provide a standardized offer template which makes the process more transparent and faster. You can send the updated offer files within seconds. 

👉 Faster & easier communication

In the new dashboard, you can negotiate offers with several partners simultaneously. The ShareSpace system connects you directly with your partner. You can chat, send documents and invite guests to group conversations. 

👉 E-signature

The e-signature solution is a lightning-fast, legally binding, and secure way to sign the agreement. You can quickly share, review, and sign documents with as many parties as needed – without the scanner, paper and waiting.

👉 All in one place

With the ShareSpace dashboard, you can keep your deals all in one place and manage your leased office space. You can stay in touch with the office host and advisors throughout the duration of the deal and report any current needs or issues.

👉 Fully digital experience

In ShareSpace, we provide our users with a fully digital and easy-to-navigate office lease experience. The process is structured and transparent but should you need any help, our Advisors are at your service. 

Are you looking for a new office?

We are aware of the times we live in. The pandemic upended the way we work and changed even the most well-thought-out strategic plans. But as the market changes, new possibilities appear.

Today you can choose from different models of office space lease. It’s time to be proactive and rethink how you manage your workspace. Do you keep paying for the unused workstations? Have you adopted a hybrid work model? Is your business growing rapidly?

There are ways to manage your space better, and here at ShareSpace, we’ll be most happy to address all your needs – from designing your space to optimizing the costs. We want to make sure your office space supports your growth and increases productivity. Don’t wait for the change. Be the change.

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