What is something that Instagram, Uber, Spotify, and Hootsuite all have in common? Besides being some of the world’s biggest and most recognized companies, their founders started these companies working from coworking spaces. Are you looking for a new office that promotes creativity and community? A coworking office could be the choice for you…

Read to find out:

  • What is a coworking office
  • A short history of coworking
  • Key aspects of a coworking office to consider?
  • Top 5 pros and cons of a coworking office
  • Should you work from a coworking office?
  • What you should know before working from a coworking office
  • How to find a coworking space

What is a coworking office?

Coworking spaces are an office solution commonly chosen by entrepreneurs, startups, self-employed freelancers, and small and medium-sized companies. These workspaces are teeming with creative and innovative ideas and provide a range of perks to their users.

What’s so great about coworking? Coworking offers all the benefits of a fully equipped and ready-to-work office, including Wi-Fi, printers, kitchens, lounges, receptions, security, cleaning, etc., at much more flexible lease terms and affordable prices.

Individuals and firms can lease hot desks and dedicated desks or work from any area within the shared office. Many coworking offices offer a range of individual offices as well as meeting and conference rooms in different sizes that can be booked for an additional charge. Coworking offices offer a valuable aspect of a professional community and opportunities for networking, giving members a chance to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas.

A short history of coworking

Though the first official coworking space was opened in 2005 in San Francisco, the concept itself dates back to 1995 in Berlin, when a group of 17 IT engineers decided to share a common space for their work. Fast-forwarding almost 30 years, Berlin lists 3rd for most coworking locations in Europe and attracts freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs, and professionals with its range of locations.

Nowadays, coworking is a booming industry of $16.17 billion, with the number of locations increasing steadily. Discover what advantages you can gain working from a coworking office.

Coworking Spaces For Rent​ – key aspects to consider 

  • How long does the office leasing process usually take? 

With ShareSpace, the leasing process is short and concise. You can easily book a hot desk or dedicated desk using the on-demand app and rent a coworking office with a few clicks of a mouse.

  • What is the average lease length?

Coworking provides a great amount of flexibility. Leases can range from a day pass to a number of weeks, months, or more.

  • What amenities can I expect to see in a coworking office for rent?

Coworking offices provide a range of amenities, making them an ideal option for those looking for a “ready-to-work” solution. Though the exact amenities may differ from space to space, some of the most common include printing and scanning services, staffed reception, fast internet connection, ready-to-work meeting rooms, work areas, and phone booths, community networking events, postal services, and company registration, car and bike parking, shared kitchens and more.

  • How long does the move-in take?

Coworking offices are a ready-to-work solution, meaning you can show up to the office and begin working from the get-go.

Should you work from a coworking office?

You should consider working from a coworking office if…

  • You are a dynamically growing firm that wants to continue to scale up the amount of workspace in line with team growth
  • You are a freelancer looking to move from a home office or café into a more professional office environment and gain access to a professional community and events
  • You are a business owner wanting to create a flexible work model in your firm, such as a hybrid model or a hub-and-spoke office. By providing workspaces closer to employee-living clusters, staff can decrease commute time while still working from an office
  • You want to maintain flexibility when it comes to working location. Some bigger coworking office providers offer lease contracts that enable the use of various office locations within the same membership
  • You want to save costs and rent a specific amount of workstations within a coworking office, avoiding having to pay for unused space
  • You are looking for an office with short-term commitment – when it comes to coworking offices, you can sign lease agreements for as short as a few days or weeks

Coworking – what you need to know 

Here are top tips to keep in mind according to ShareSpace Advisors:

  • Be familiar with any additional costs and charges, e.g., printing services, podcast rooms, additional meeting, and conference rooms
  • Ask about the availability of additional meeting rooms – is the availability in line with your needs?
  • What type of lease options are offered? (Private desks, hot desks, and common working areas). Make sure you are familiar with the offer and find an option that will best support you and your team’s working style
  • What does the community look like? Are there regular networking events organized by office management?
  • Does the office match your vibe? With the many options available on the market, look for a space that reflects your company culture
  • Is there room to expand? If you are thinking of growing your team in the upcoming weeks or months, see if the coworking office can accommodate your forecasted number of employees
  • Can you use your membership in other coworking locations owned by the office host?
  • What is your budget? Coworking offices come at a range of prices, from budget-friendly options to premium workspace options. You can find a solution that meets your needs
  • Will you get enough privacy? Coworking spaces are great for community and networking, but it’s important to make sure you will also maintain a level of privacy you require

How to find a coworking space

Find a coworking space using ShareSpace, the first and only end-to-end office space marketplace connecting businesses with traditional and flexible office space operators. With ShareSpace finding an office couldn’t be easier. You can do it in just 5 simple steps:

1. Search for your perfect coworking office – use the ShareSpace search engine, which offers real-time data of office availability.

2. Compare your optionsShareSpace works with the world’s best office providers, meaning you can make the best choice for your company office. Compare your various office options to make an informed choice.

3. Take a virtual or in-person tour of the officeuse ShareSpace to conveniently arrange your office tour and see how you like the space for yourself.

4. Communicate directly with the hostcommunicate with your landlord or office operator using the ShareSpace dashboard and all-in-one chat. You can also use it to securely send documents or floor plans.

5. Sign documents online – save time and paper and use our sophisticated online-signature feature to sign lease documents.

Finding the right office with ShareSpace

Finding the right workspace for yourself or your team doesn’t need to be a complicated or time-consuming process. 

Use ShareSpace for a streamlined and intuitive leasing experience. You can also read our blog to learn more about how to find an affordable coworking office to improve your team’s workflow?

Are you running a startup and are considering renting an office that matches your team? Read about how coworking and startups make a perfect match!

Need more help? Contact our ShareSpace Advisors, who will help you find just the right office.

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