Are you looking for a convenient, cost-effective, and agile solution to suit your company? A serviced office could be just what you need. Find out more to make an informed choice and ensure the best workspace conditions to grow your business.

What is a serviced office?

A serviced office (sometimes called a business center, managed, or flexible office) is a fully furnished, ready-to-move-in workspace that includes a range of essential services and can be rented for a short to medium time length. Serviced offices are often found in central city locations and are an effective way for businesses to establish themselves at a great address. What’s more, serviced offices can be an affordable option, as they allow businesses to save on large overhead and fit-out costs associated with renting a traditional office. Instead, the tenant is issued a single invoice covering rent, and additional amenities costs in one convenient payment.

Businesses considering a serviced office to rent can choose a small, medium, or large individual or private office unit or rent an entire office floor for their company. Tenants also have access to common areas within the office building, such as shared kitchens, lobby, relaxation area, reception, game rooms, etc.

*Serviced office vs Coworking officeServiced offices are different from coworking spaces in that they enable multiple businesses to rent private or individual office units within one building. Coworking spaces are workspaces shared by numerous people working within a common space. At the same time, it’s quite common for a serviced office to feature a coworking space among the various work zones available within the building.

What you need to know before you rent

  • The office leasing process: Search to sign – usually takes a few months.
    ShareSpace technology has been proven to speed up the office leasing process by up to 80%. This means companies have completed their office leasing processes in as short as 3 days’ time with us! Read the story here – DIGITALL leases an office in 3 days thanks to ShareSpace
  • Lease length: Serviced offices for rent offer shorter and more flexible lease contracts compared to traditional office leases. The average contract length for a serviced office can range from a number of weeks up to 5 years.
  • Amenities: Serviced office facilities usually include cleaning services, reception, kitchen facilities, security, and maintenance services. The tenant is also provided with Wi-Fi, printers, scanners, coffee machines, serviced kitchen as well as fully fitted meeting and conference rooms with screens and projectors.
    Some serviced offices also include amenities such as gyms, terraces, on-site cafes, restaurants, showers, and podcast rooms.
  • Move-in time: Depending on the size of your firm, the move can take from as short as 1 day to a few weeks.

Rent a serviced office if…

What to know before you lease a serviced office

Here are top tips to keep in mind according to ShareSpace Advisors:

  • Get to know your neighbors – leasing a serviced office means that you will share your space and common facilities such as kitchens and meeting rooms with other tenants. It’s always a good idea to find out who your neighbors will be before you lease.
  • Make sure you understand what comes included with your serviced office – conference rooms, beverages, and parking? In case of additional cost, find out the pricing of available amenities
  • Find out what is the minimum notice period for terminating your lease
  • Ensure the environment is suitable for your type of work. Will the workspace be conducive to both focused work and social interactions? What is the noise level like? Is there enough natural light?

How to find a serviced office?

Find a serviced office using ShareSpace, the first and only end-to-end office space marketplace connecting businesses with traditional and flexible office space operators. With ShareSpace finding an office couldn’t be easier. You can do it in just 5 simple steps:

1. Search for your perfect office – use the ShareSpace search engine, which offers real-time data of office availability

2. Compare your optionsShareSpace works with the world’s best office providers, meaning you can make the best choice for your company office. Compare your various office options to make an informed choice.

3. Take a virtual or in-person tour of the office – use ShareSpace to conveniently arrange your office tour and see how you like the space for yourself.

4. Communicate directly with the hostcommunicate with your landlord or office operator using the ShareSpace dashboard and all-in-one chat. You can also use it to securely send documents or floor plans.

5. Sign documents online – save time and paper and use our sophisticated online-signature feature to sign lease documents.

Rent a serviced office with ShareSpace

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Need more help? Contact our ShareSpace Advisors, who will help you find just the right office.