“I didn’t want to work at all. I found it a waste of my time. 8 hours a day? No… I couldn’t see a connection there.” Martyna Łapaj, an HR specialist at Tribe47, talks about the beginnings of her career and how the right job at the right company can change it all.

– A few years ago I didn’t want to work at all. I found it a waste of my time. 8 hours a day? No… I couldn’t see a connection there. But once my parents cut me off and I couldn’t escape responsibility any longer, I thought: “OK, if my job is to give me satisfaction, it needs to be people-related. What if I make these “8 hours” more pleasant? Memorable?” 

Sitting in front of me, in an ethnic jacket featuring vibrant embroidered motifs, Martyna looks chic and very friendly – she can’t stop smiling when she talks.

Martyna Łapaj, HR specialist at Tribe47

– First, I worked for Tribe 47 as an outsourced recruiter. But I liked the people I’d recruited so much that I wanted to work with them, too! Today I take care of an entire employee cycle. I realized that having a job actually makes sense! 

Hybrid work approach in a new space

– Our team is incredibly dynamic thanks to the culture of openness. We don’t have the typical 8-hour-a-day work mode. Instead, we work as long as we still find it effective. This really changed people’s approach, productivity, and creativity. To be as flexible as possible, we even moved to a new type of office space that better fits our culture. We had this hybrid, partly-office-partly-remote approach earlier, too, but when we’ve come back to the office this year, we saw more people coming to work here. And oftentimes they don’t use our dedicated office within WeWork, but sit in a shared, coworking space, next to the barista – Martyna laughs. 

We have our dedicated office within WeWork, but the team likes to sit in a shared workspace, next to the barista – says Martyna
Everyone can be a leader

– We work as one, big, interdisciplinary team. Smaller teams are created on an ongoing basis: for each project, we select the people based on their skills, and the structure is liquid. Everyone has a chance to work with anybody. Not only is it cost-effective but also integrates the people and creates opportunities to evolve into a new role. Why wouldn’t we let a junior employee prove themself as a leader if they’ve got the skills?

When I ask about the best part of her job, she ponders for a moment. 

– I get so much love and warmth back from my team… The best part? If I can make their day even a tiny bit happier, then my job is done.

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