Offer a service unlike any other.

Our client-centric approach gives you access to the largest flexible office network, from coworking providers and business centers to building owners.

Focus on core deals by activating your flexible office requirements on ShareSpace. Our platform will handle the rest while you stay connected to your clients and get paid.

Meet your trusted partner

Choose a partner who respects your relationships and values your expertise.

Increase revenue

1) Transparent compensation, timely payments.
2) Close deals faster with our simple, proven sales process.
3) Earn more with each renewal and expansion.

Streamline your proces with our technological toolbox

ShareSpace integrates a variety of tools into a single place, allowing you to spend more time focused on high level tasks.

The proof is in the numbers

Make a measurable impact on your office space cost and the speed of finding it.


Revenue increase (on client) by helping better identify your clients flexible space needs


Faster transaction times allowing you to complete more transactions in the same time


High level contacts to coworking and serviced office operators available at your fingertips