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Connect With Us

Connect with our team by answering a few quick questions to get started with the search for your new office.

Office Space For Rent London

Office Space For Rent London

London is currently one of the biggest economic centers in the world, making it a very competitive business environment. One of the many perks that the city offers is that companies and individual business owners searching for the perfect office space for rent in London have plenty of office buildings to pick from.

Getting the best office space for rent in London is a task that often requires a good understanding of the diverse districts of the city, and lots of time to browse through all the available options.

If you’re looking for the ideal office space for rent in London, working with the right information saves you a whole lot of headaches. At ShareSpace we want to take the burden off you, and give you as many options tailored to your business needs as possible.

Find the Perfect Office Space For Rent in London Stress-free

ShareSpace partners with many London office space providers. We bring the market to you in one place. This makes your search for the ideal office space a walk in the park.

Currently, there are so many business owners from different industries looking for the perfect office space for rent in London. The reality is that it can be quite exhausting when you have to speak with and visit all of the providers.  

There are many offers on the market, so you may face a lot of challenges, but when working with ShareSpace, you will receive an offer tailored to your business. We believe our clients deserve the best and prioritize your needs.

Thanks to ShareSpace, you don’t have to go through a long search for office space providers and their offers. We have already done that for you. You only need to choose a suitable offer from the plenty of options from all our partners. Thanks to our partnership with a large number of different rental office space providers in London, there is something for everyone.

We can guarantee that you’ll find the perfect office space for rent in London. We are always ready to discuss your budget, preferences, and expectations. Feel free to use our free-of-charge advisory service.

Get an Office Space That Supports Your Team’s Productivity

Getting personalized office space for rent in London requires you to give it a good thought. You should think about how many employees you need, the best location for your type of business, the unique needs of your company, and your budget for office rent. You also need to decide: are you looking for flexible office space, such as serviced office, or a traditional office in one of many of London's commercial properties?

There are several business districts in London, each attracting different companies and industries looking for office space for rent.

The City, as well as the Canary Wharf district, are known for the finance, broking, and legal industries. Westminster, which hosts several HQs is also the place for many real estate companies, hedge fund managers, and government offices. The district of Shoreditch and Old Street, also known as the Silicon Roundabout, is where you’ll find lots of IT firms and start-ups. If you are in the creative art, media, or fashion industry, you might want to consider the Camden & Islington area. 

If your company is a large enterprise, a location in Central London may be a must for you. Remember that each of the central districts has its advantages and disadvantages.

They all have, however, one thing in common - great public transport connections to other city districts. Thanks to this, both your clients and employees will have no problem reaching the office. Close distance to public institutions and good restaurants can also be a big asset when looking for an office space, where you will invite your business partners.

If you are a smaller business, it is always worth looking at office space to rent on the outskirts of London. You may need to travel a small distance outside the city center, but you will have a broad range of offices to choose from. On top of that, you will notice that the office rent is lower, meaning you could use the remainder of your office space budget elsewhere.

There is a prime spot for everyone, so regardless of how unique are your requirements, our advisors at ShareSpace are ready to help you find an office for rent in London that best suits your needs. Keep in mind - you don’t have to pay anything when you decide to work with us - our advisory service is free for our clients.

Want to find a perfect office space for rent in London? Speak with a ShareSpace advisor today.