How do I create a deal?

Transaction on the ShareSpace platform can be started only either: directly by the Client or by a ShareSpace advisor at the Client’s request. In both cases, you will receive an e-mail notifying you about a new transaction on the platform.

How can the client find my venue?

Our clients can find your venue by browsing the listing. When they type in the city and the number of workstations they need, a list of available offers will display. If you have an offer matching their search, your venue will appear on the list and on the map.

How a client can approach my offer?

There are three ways in which a client can act on your offer to rent an office: send an inquiry to you directly through the ShareSpace platform: make an appointment with you immediately, to see the office (in both cases, you will receive an automatic notification to the email address associated with your account), contact […]

How will I be informed about a new client?

Every time a client expresses interest in a particular office (by contacting a ShareSpace advisor or you directly via the ShareSpace platform), a notification will be sent to the email address provided during registration: It is not possible for a client to make an inquiry about a particular office on the ShareSpace platform without you […]

How can I improve the visibility of my venue?

We know how important it is for you to be well visible on our main listing page, possibly at the top. Unfortunately, we cannot offer position number 1 to all of our partners, however, we can point out to you a few factors which you can impact in order to be listed in the top […]

What is the difference between direct (self-service) & assisted deal?

A self-service inquiry is one in which the client doesn’t ask for the assistance of a ShareSpace Advisor, but contacts you directly via BOOK A VIEWING or ASK QUESTION button: Even in the case of a self-service inquiry, the ShareSpace Advisor always supports communication between you and the client. In your communication panel you can […]

What is the ShareSpace Comparison tool?

The Comparison tool on ShareSpace allows our Advisors to present the offer of your company without the necessity of reaching out to you first. It is to qualify the client’s needs regarding the office inquiry before we reach out to you for a dedicated offer. We truly value the time of your team and don’t […]

What is ShareSpace On-Demand?

ShareSpace On-Demand is a service aimed at mobile corporates, who have the need to book a working space quickly and easily, wherever they are. This module, together with the dedicated mobile app, enables clients to browse the search results and book conference rooms and desks (coworking and dedicated) in an easy and instant way. Apart […]

How can I contact ShareSpace?

If you want to contact us, without writing a message in the transaction window (where the client can read it too), you can use our help chat. Click on the icon in the bottom right corner and send us your inquiry. We will write you back to your email address registered on the platform! 🙂 […]

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