How ShareSpace works?

How to close the deal if the contract was’t signed via ShareSpace?

Online signature tool is very convenient for both clients and operators, nevertheless it may happen that you will sign the contract outside of ShareSpace’s system. Below you’ll find instructions on how to close the deal on ShareSpace. First choose the transaction you wish to close. When pointing on upper right corner 3 “…” symbol will […]

How can I confirm the date of the viewing?

If the date proposed by the client is convenient for you- all you need to is press the “ACCEPT” button to send an invite to the client: Client will immediately receive an invitation from you including all the details regarding the visit itself, as well as tips on how to get to your venue, find […]

How to sign the contract via ShareSpace?

Once the client has made their decision we are fully ready and equipped to finaize the transaction using ShareSpace online signature feature. To do so, first make sure you have updated the offer for the client:¬†Next steps after viewing When the client accepts the terms of your offer he sends you the package with their […]

Offer update

It is very important to log in to the ShareSpace platform and place all information and arrangements there after the viewing is complete. Remember! It is much more convenient for the client to have the access to all of the transactions (also with other venue operators) in one place- ShareSpace platform. That’s why we ask […]

What is ShareSpace Comparison tool?

The Comparison tool on ShareSpace allows our advisors to present the offer of your company without the necessity of reaching out to you first. It is to qualify client’s needs regarding the office inquiry before we reach out to you for a dedicated offer. We truly value the time of your team and don’t want […]

How can I change a viewing date?

If you haven’t confirmed the visit yet, just select the “COUNTERPROPOSE” option in the communication panel: If you have already confirmed a previously proposed date, click on the option “RESCHEDULE” next to the last message in the chat confirming the agreed viewing date. PHOTO In both cases, when you do that a panel on the […]

Where can I find client’s contact info?

In the conversation panel where you exchange messages with the client, just click on their name: You will then see a window with his data, such as phone number or email: Remember to update on the platform the conditions of your offer or other matters you discussed with the client on the phone.

Where can I find invoices?

After the transaction is closed the invoice will be automatically issued and available for you in the transaction window: You can always also enter the menu on the right side in the transaction panel- where you’ll be able to see the invoices too: Additionally you can provide the platform with the email address you specify, […]

How can I archive a transaction?

If a transaction is not archived on the platform, both you and the Client will keep receiving notifications, because the system will have no information about the outcome of the deal. If you signed the deal successfully outside the platform, you only need to close the transaction in the communication panel” Check the details here: […]

How will I be informed about a new client?

Every time a client expresses interest in a particular office (by contacting a ShareSpace advisor or you directly via the ShareSpace platform), a notification will be sent to the email address provided during registration: It is not possible for a client to make an inquiry about a particular office on the ShareSpace platform without you […]

Through ShareSpace you will find your ideal office, make an appointment and sign a contract without moving from behind your computer screen.
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