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Why ShareSpace?

ShareSpace is a marketplace & transaction management SaaS for commercial office space, catering to companies of all sizes. This means that our main goal is to deliver full review of the office space market to our clients at the same time securing your business. How? By providing you with the best quality leads at no […]

Registration and user account

Joining ShareSpace is very easy! First, if you don’t have the ShareSpace account you have to register here: Add your venue. You will be asked to provide basic data about yourself and your company. You will receive an email confirming your registration and now you can explore all features on your account. In the upper […]

ShareSpace On-Demand terms

ShareSpace On-Demand is a service aimed at mobile corporates, who have the need to book a working space quickly and easily, wherever they are. Within the module, the client can browse offers and make bookings, paying for them up-front. If you would like to see how the process looks like from the client’s perspective, we […]

Terms of cooperation with ShareSpace

Clear rules and open communication are our core values, so you can always be sure to find a trusted partner on our side. Please find below the most important points of our partnership: We do whatever we can to position your space as high as possible and provide you with the best quality leads only; Our […]

ShareSpace Communication Dashboard

Welcome to your ShareSpace communication dashboard! Our dashboard was designed with our users in mind. It’s functional and easy to use – which means that the next time you visit it, you will intuitively know exactly what to do. In order to make your first acquaintance with the panel quick and smooth, we prepared for […]

About ShareSpace Online Signature Tool

What is ShareSpace? ShareSpace is the first end-to-end commercial real estate leasing platform which secures online transactions using blockchain technology. Through a range of unique solutions, ShareSpace enables companies of all sizes to find spaces and complete transactions via a fully digital process. What does that mean? Clients can search, compare, negotiate & SIGN lease […]

Through ShareSpace you will find your ideal office, make an appointment and sign a contract without moving from behind your computer screen.
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