Loftmill, until recently known as, is one of the longest established office operators on the Polish market. The company started renting flexible work spaces, including coworking and serviced offices, as early as 2003. We had the pleasure of speaking with Katarzyna Augustyn, Chief Marketing Officer of and, about the brand’s success, the inspiration behind the new name, and the exciting plans to open new locations.

Katarzyna Anna Augustyn – Chief Marketing Officer w &

You recently changed your name from to Loftmill. What motivated this decision?

Certainly, our love for the loft! We are now creating new flex projects no longer only in office buildings, and we want the loft – a space that has a history, a soul, and that is memorable – to be part of this new chapter in our business.

Aside from a love of the loft, what sets Loftmill apart from other office spaces available on the market?

Well, in this matter it would be best to let our customers have their say. However, we can mention what we would like to distinguish ourselves by. First of all, quality, including the finish and ergonomics of the space we offer. It’s not just about furnishings such as desks and chairs, but also collaboration spaces, cafes, and chillout areas.

Another very important issue for us is the security of our clients – both in terms of IT and health and safety. We must remember flex offices are increasingly used by large corporations, for whom this is an essential element.

How do you ensure IT security?

We perform regular tests and audits for security against hacking into our lines. The server room is only accessible to our IT team. Should the Internet line stop working for some reason, we have a second back up connection. Such aspects are very important. At Loftmill, we have been working with various companies – including Google – so high expectations in this area are not unfamiliar to us. It is also an opportunity for us to learn and grow by establishing procedures of the highest possible standard, which are, in turn, met with appreciation by future clients.

Lotfmill’s new offices in Krakow – Brain Park, Katowice, and Wroclaw are opening soon. In 2023 you are opening another space in Warsaw. Tell us something about your new locations.

Brain Park is an extension of our office in Fabryczna Office Park. It is a place that is gaining popularity on the map of Krakow, and together with Fabryczna will create the largest flex space in the city – measuring as much as 8,000 sqm.

Lixa in Warsaw is our first project in the capital. It will feature many more collaboration spaces, focus rooms, and meeting rooms. Of course, chillout, pool tables, prosecco, and a few other amenities, but we’ll keep quiet about that for now…

The project in KTWII is a place we fell in love with at first sight. We don’t only aim to execute an office there but also a multifunctional event facility and a club-cafe that will live on even after working hours.

Companies often choose coworking offices to get a chance to network. The coworking cafe facility you mentioned fits in very well with that! 

There is no single method for networking. Sweet Mondays, fruit Wednesdays, sushi days, or pate Thursdays no longer surprise anyone. Events that bring people together for longer periods of time are becoming increasingly more significant, e.g., interesting training and meetings with visitors.

Club cafes are a new concept in Katowice. There was an idea to open this place on the ground floor and open it to the whole complex. People usually like to meet up for a cup of coffee. All can buy coffee, tea, and cake and organize a meetup, business mixer, or even a stand-up meeting. It will be a cool place to chat, sit, and look out the window. There will also be some coworking desks in a dedicated work area.

Continuing the theme of networking and getting to know each other better, tell us more about the inspiration behind Loftmill’s new “Offices are People” video series.

The title says it all here. For us, and Loftmill are not just a brand. The offices have “faces” and “names” of the people who make up the offices and manage them daily. It’s not just the CEO, the COO, or myself, but also other people we encounter daily. It’s mainly the reception staff, architects, technicians, office managers, or IT staff. Each one of them brings something of themselves. It’s nice to get to know these people better, say hello, talk, and hear more about their exciting passions. For example, the Director of Operations is very fond of horse riding and has a cat and a dog. Krystian loves cars, and one of the two Agnieszka who works with us dances and performs in the theater.

What advice would you give to a company that wants to find its first office?

You should certainly pay attention to the quality of the space, the details of what is included in the price, and possible additional fees. It’s also a good idea to see if there are limits on the use of the office.

And in the case of an office tour? What should a client pay attention to when visiting the office for the first time?

In this case, the number of rooms, the quality and security of IT, the style of finishes, and acoustics should all be checked carefully. Also, the functionality and size of the office and workstations are important too.

The office leasing process is rapidly moving online. What advantages do you see in the digitization of the real estate industry?

The said digitalization certainly streamlines the leasing process. Still, it also gives clients access to a larger selection of space – allowing them to skip visiting the office in person and browsing the market by themselves.

What are the biggest benefits you gain from working with ShareSpace?

First of all, transactions and new customers. What’s more, a smooth leasing and negotiation process.

You have been on the market since 2003. What is your recipe for business success?

Above all, listen to what our customers and our team tell us. They are the ones who indicate to us what they need and how they envision the service they would be willing to pay for.

It is important to create a close-knit team that believes in what they are doing and puts in the effort to achieve the same goal. Moreover, one should work persistently while learning from those better than oneself. It is also essential to take advantage of good luck.

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