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Office for rent in Warsaw - find the perfect place for your company

There is a large availability of offices for rent in Warsaw, whether you are looking for a space in the city center - Śródmieście, Wola, Mokotów, Bemowo or you prefer a location on the outskirts such as Targówek or Wilanów.

Despite the many offers of offices for rent on the market, you may be faced with some challenges: office spaces too large for your needs, Landlords mainly oriented at traditional leasing contracts, significant inflation in the prices, hidden costs and fees, and an overall lack of flexibility in the approach towards your needs. When working with ShareSpace, you will receive an offer that is tailored to your needs and preferences.

We prioritize the client’s comfort and believe they deserve the best.

Rent an office in Warsaw

Many factors should be taken into account when choosing and renting an office space in Warsaw. The price will vary depending on the business's size, desired location, and additional requirements. Before starting the search, it's essential to analyze what you are looking for, for example: How many employees does the business employ? How many rooms does the company need? Does the business require access to the cafeteria, parking lot, or perhaps an additional warehouse? Can the business operate from the city outskirts, or is it essential for it to remain in the proximity of the city center? All these factors will influence the type of office you are looking for and its final price.

It is always worth having a look at office space on the outskirts of Warsaw. Some good locations include: Bielany, Targówek, Ursynów, Wilanów or Białołęka. Traveling a small distance outside the city center will present you with a broad range of offices to choose from. On top of that, you will notice a significantly reduced rental cost, meaning you can use the remainder of your forecasted office space budget elsewhere. Remember that there are many solutions to consider nowadays before having to overpay for an office space.

Live and work in the capital

When it comes to large enterprises, a central location of their office may be a must for them. The most popular neighborhoods of central Warsaw include Mokotów, Wola, and Śródmieście. Each of them, of course, carries its advantages and disadvantages. Nonetheless, they all have one thing in common - great public transport connections to other city districts. Thanks to this, both your clients and employees will have no problem reaching the office. The proximity of all necessary state and city institutions and quality restaurants is also a big asset worth keeping in mind when looking for a location to host important business meetings and negotiations.

An office in Warsaw Śródmieście

Śródmieście is located on the left bank of the Vistula river and consists of 9 districts. Both metro lines (M1 and M2) pass through it, along with a vast network of public transport such as busses and trams. The central station is located in Śródmieście, which is the main communication hub of the entire city. The excellent transport network makes Warsaw Śródmieście one of the most desirable locations for business in the whole country.

Śródmieście is also a center of culture, art, and science. The proximity to iconic tourist attractions, cultural centers, and restaurants makes it an exciting place. If you often host international business partners, they will surely appreciate the opportunity to eat a great meal at a luxurious restaurant, stay in one of the nearby hotels, and maybe even take advantage of the rich cultural life of the capital.

Office in Mokotów

Mokotów is a dynamically developing district of Warsaw, a close distance from the city center. There is always something going on there too! No wonder many Polish and foreign companies have located their headquarters in this part of the capital. Służewiec - one of the neighborhoods in Mokotów district underwent a considerable metamorphosis in recent years from an industrial space into an active business hub full of office buildings.

International institutions and numerous embassies located throughout the Mokotów district make it a great place to locate. Another advantage is the popular Galeria Mokotów. It is an ideal place for a quick lunch. You will also find a fitness center, a number of retail outlets, and service providers located there.

Office in Wola

Wola, a district in Warsaw, is an ideal location for every large and medium-sized enterprise but is also worth considering for smaller companies and freelancers. Two main public transport routes in Warsaw pass through Wola. The district is also at the forefront in terms of the amount of available office space. Wola can be described as a neighborhood that combines history with modernity - in Wola, you will find a beautiful combination of old tenement houses and impressive modern office buildings.

You will find everything you need in Wola. It is a very investor-friendly area that is constantly developing. The office spaces available here have the highest standard and exciting design solutions. Wola is a place not to be missed.

Gain an advantage with ShareSpace

By using ShareSpace, you gain access to the best experts and advisors in the field of commercial real estate, both in Warsaw, Poland, and Europe. Our team will happily bring you valuable advice and help you choose the right space for your business. If requested, we can even conduct the whole search process for you. Our services are delay-free as we believe in simple and proven solutions. We are also always open to our client’s non-standard office expectations, such as animal-friendly spaces, playrooms, and childcare rooms.

Learn about the benefits of ShareSpace:

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  • A refined algorithm that will help you quickly search and find a place that is suitable for you
  • The best conditions and exclusive offers
  • Virtual tours within selected spaces
  • Thanks to our innovative technology - no more hassle with traditional paper contracts- everything can be arranged online.

Best price guarantee and clear terms and conditions.

The commercial real estate market in Warsaw is constantly developing and evolving. As with any other market, it is also susceptible to changes related to the economic situation in the country and Europe. This can bring substantial fluctuations in price and rental conditions in addition to the competition and demand for office space in Warsaw, making it more difficult to find a suitable offer.

Thanks to ShareSpace, you no longer have to go through long negotiations with office space providers. Our offers provide fixed rent costs and charges. Thanks to our cooperation with a large number of suppliers, you can find a space that works best for you. Our ShareSpace consultants are also always at your disposal to help.

Renting offices in Warsaw is even more flexible than it used to be

Business owners from a wide range of industries are all looking to rent office spaces in Warsaw. In recent years, the capital has developed enormously, meaning it’s not just big corporations looking to locate in the city but also the up-and-coming startups. The city is teeming with qualified specialists and visionaries, talented managers, and ambitious employees. This is why offices that offer great freedom and space for development have become so popular here. The office landscape is full of options. You can locate your business in a beautiful historical tenement building, a steel and glass skyscraper, or anything else in between.

ShareSpace - Find your perfect office in Warsaw with us

Find your perfect office quickly, efficiently, and effectively with us! Our real-time database of available workplace locations in Warsaw offers our clients an office lease search at the highest European standard. We will help you find the right office, so you can focus on developing your business. Read more on ShareSpace and see just how simple office leasing can be.

Offices for rent in Warsaw

Warsaw is one of the most attractive locations for investment in the CEE region, which is why startups and international cooperations alike want their office in the very city center of the capital. 72% of Warsaw’s inhabitants have followed higher education. The city has also been listed 10th in the European city ranking of English language proficiency. This means the capital has a wide talent pool which is an important factor for any business looking to locate there.

Offices Warsaw

Excellent infrastructure, 535 kilometers of bicycle paths, great public transport, old town area included in the UNESCO list of monuments, 15 minutes travel to the main airport, numerous cultural and entertainment attractions. These are just some of the advantages that prompted business giants such as WeWork, Business.Link and Solutions.Rent to open their coworking spaces in Warsaw.

Warsaw offices for rent

Warsaw is a global-scale phenomenon when it comes to the number of green areas within the city perimeter. These occupy as much as 28% of the entire city space. The metropolis cares about its nature while simultaneously investing in the development of infrastructure and expansion of workspaces. You may be wondering how to find a space for yourself in this City among such a vast number of offers? Well, there is a better way than typing phrases such as temporary office Warsaw, Office for startups, Warsaw, office Warsaw, office for rent Warsaw in the search engine and hoping for the best while clicking through the infinite number of results. At ShareSpace, we are here to help streamline this search into a simple 5 step process, which can be done entirely online!

Warsaw offices

At ShareSpace, we guarantee assistance at every stage of your office space search. This means you can focus on running your business while we find the right workspace for you in the bustling city of Warsaw.

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