The popularity of coworking space, as an innovative workplace, has grown significantly in recent years. Below we present to You a guide to coworking informing about all the benefits, amenities, costs or potential considerations. Moreover to illustrate this concept, we have answered below the most frequently asked questions about coworking.

Welcome to the new world of workplace!


Coworking is based on the combination of shared office space, business center and cafes. It offers a unique alternative to the workplace with flexible rental terms, no high rents, long-term lease agreements (typical for traditional office spaces), ready-to-use office equipment and "plug and play" infrastructure. It also brings a number of additional unmeasurable benefits, such as business contacts and social events, or work in a creative environment.

Unlike in traditional office, the coworking community consists of people who work in companies of different industries or corporations, startups, freelancers or sole entrepreneurs. The members of this community close relationships within a coworking space, that results in a relaxed and yet professional atmosphere, a creative environment that encourages collaboration and a genuine sense of community.

The modern world of work is different. It is variable, mobile and flexible. Freelancers, startups, and larger businesses need a professional work space that follows their needs and development. You may need an office for a few months or just one day a month, and coworking sites offer You exactly such a freedom of choice without giving up a convenient location or office facilities.


In coworking there are many different working spaces, all with their own unique climate and ecosystem. If You are considering moving to coworking, You might want to visit some of them in order to feel the atmosphere of the surrounding. Some places are ideal for creative people, some are more focused on technology milieu, others are more versatile or more “office-like”.

As the exact space You will be working in, You have three main options to choose from.

Coworking desk (Hot desk)

Hot-desking is a popular option for the freelancers, who do not really need a desktop computer and prefer flexibility. You appear in the morning with a laptop and sit down at the first free desk in the open space. If You only need a desk to work, Hot-Desk will be a great option for You. It's usually the cheapest and most flexible option, just make sure You come there early enough, if You want to sit by the window!

Dedicated Desk

In order to achieve more stability when choosing a workplace, You can rent a dedicated desk .At the dedicated desk You can set up Your equipment and personalize Your work space according to Your private preferences. You will usually share the room with other professionals or companies, which is great for creating contacts and sharing ideas. You can book the dedicated desks for yourself or for a larger team. If your company is expanding, You can easily rent more desks in the same space.

Private Office

You and Your team can enter own private office (or offices) in a larger shared space. This gives You more comfort and privacy as well as the ability to customize Your office according to Your needs. Since You are still working in the coworking space, You and Your employees will benefit from all the facilities, creative spaces, events and innovative surrounding. Renting a private office is usually the most expensive option out of these three, but still, in most cases, allows the flexibility of renting from month to month.


Make Your business a reality

The coworking area gives You the opportunity to move from your own kitchen, living room or local café to a much more professional environment. This provides a dedicated and well-equipped office space while preparing Your company for market entry or further development. Easy access to meeting rooms with customers and employees and the access to office equipment or shared reception can be crucial to the acceleration of further success.

Freedom for freelancers

Lonely work at home can enhance the feeling of isolation and, let's face the truth, it's sometimes boring. Coworking gives freelancers flexible access to the more professional working environment when they want and where they want. It is a way to escape the distraction of the home environment, create a valuable balance between private life and work, have a positive impact on Your creativity, and meet people with interesting ideas or skills that are complementary or expand your business.

Access to facilities

Coworking is more than just a desk to work. Your monthly rent includes access to kitchen, dining room, WiFi, furniture and office equipment. Frequently also embraces access to: conference rooms, integrated with the latest audio-visual equipment, event space, seminar and meeting rooms, outdoor terraces, bicycle storage, 24/7 access with security and, of course, regular invitations to social events.


In coworking You share the space with a wide range of business-minded people - creative professionals, startups, small entrepreneurs, and more and more often with mobile employees of large corporations. It gives You the opportunity to work together and network, which will not be given by any conference or event, and also creates partnerships with other companies that work next to you. Whether it's new idea, sharing Your services, or just having a nice coffee chat- collaboration, companionship and lack of competition, are great “plus” for people who choose coworking.

Increase productivity

Changing your work environment You will change your way of thinking. We know how distracting it can be to work from home or at a local cafe. Renting a dedicated work space can turn out to be all you need, to enter a higher level of productivity. According to the global coworking study of Deskmag magazine:

  • 71% of respondents stated that their creativity has grown since they started working in the coworking space

  • 62% stated that their standard of living has improved

  • 68% said they were able to concentrate better

  • 64% of respondents say they can better perform tasks on time

Coworking = Flexibility

Today, entrepreneurs must be fully mobile and flexible. Freelancers cannot make long-term commitments and often block unnecessary funds by paying for the office up front for an entire month. In coworking You can rent a space for a day or two, a month or even a year -and You only pay for what You really use.

Pleasure of working

In some coworkering spaces You will receive free biscuits, breakfasts and even evening drinks, and social gatherings take place regularly. Thanks to that, work is never boring. People are not bound by traditional office rules, policies and office control do not exist so everyone can finally be themselves at the workplace.

For every budget-sharing economy

Coworking is all about sharing the cost of renting and running an office and making use of economies of scale. Sharing the office space is cheaper than renting a traditional office if You take into consideration no hidden costs and flexible terms. WiFi, heating, air conditioning, business services, reception, cleaning, insurance - all this is included in Your rent, making it easy to budget Your business expenses even if your company is just You.



Analyze whether Your business depends on location in the heart of the city, close to the metro station, or downtown (maybe cheaper). If you are going to host customers in Your coworking space, remember that You want this place to be convenient for them.

Type of space

Coworking desk (Hot desk), dedicated desk or private office? It all depends on the number of people in Your team, how long You need the space, and how much privacy You need for your work?

See the Space

Before moving to coworking, the best would be to visit some places that meet Your requirements. This will help You to get to know the space, people and the building and is useful by making the choice.


The classic solution is support of real estate agents, but watch out, You can expect extra fees and long period for finding an mutual way and understanding of Your requirements.

On the ShareSpace platform, we've made it easier. Enter Your location in the search bar, and we'll show You all the coworking spaces in the area, including their equipment, photos and all important fees. You can search by location, price, number of working desks, type of space or available facilities. This will make it easier for You to find the perfect solution that suits to Your needs.

Do you have any questions about some kind of coworking space? Need help with legal aspects or negotiations? Our team is at Your disposal to offer You the comprehensive assistance in finding the perfect working space ... for free!