At ShareSpace, we’ve spent hours talking to companies looking for their ideal office. As a result, we know which listings companies are more likely to look at, what kind of venue photos catch their eye, and what causes them to close the browser tab.

Are you wondering how to present your venue in the best way, so you can increase exposure and optimize the viewers’ experience?
Now, we bring you this useful insight to help you enhance your venue presentation! 


Most clients choose to click on an office offer based on their first impression of your profile, so good quality photos are essential for your success!
Large, clear, well-lit images show professionalism and present higher product quality.

Make your visual representation informative and accurate. The key is to show the client exactly what they can expect from your offer. Getting to see the interior of the room, amount of desks, additional amenities allows the viewer to decide if they would like to book a viewing.

People-oriented pictures especially work like magnets, so include plenty of pictures depicting office users. This is a great way of helping the potential tenant to picture himself in your venue, upgrading the attractiveness and responsiveness to your offer by over 60%, as proven by our data! 

We advise staying away from photos of empty offices or non-representative parts of your venue, such as staircases, bathrooms, or corridors, if they are not unique features of the space you offer.


When creating your venue listing, we recommend adding a floor plan for just one floor or the whole building. Floor plans are especially important for larger teams looking for a spacious office and requiring a combination of units.

Showing the layout of your venue can be an effective marketing tool! The client can fall in love with the location of the particular office or layout and arrangement of your space.


Nowadays, clients want to gain maximum insight using digital tools before deciding on an in-person viewing.

From our experience, we know that the client responsible for the leasing process wants to present offers to the company’s decision-maker (such as the board member or the CEO), and 3D tours are an excellent feature to provide that in-depth information. Apart from showing the high-quality photos, they can walk the decision-maker through your venue, pointing out spaces and factors which especially stood out to them. On the ShareSpace platform, you can add a 3D tour either from Matterport or Google Walks; additionally, you can also insert a link to a YouTube video promoting your space.


In any transaction, the most important factor is the client’s feeling of trust and security towards you. On the ShareSpace platform, the personal picture visible in the transaction communication panel generates trust and creates a friendly impression when interacting with your client.


Description of your venue attracts the client to your offer and provides them with information necessary to make their decision. It’s important for this part to provide a great amount of detail, especially in case of venues with unusual locations (e.g., entrance from the back of the building or from a different street, “building B with red mast,” etc.). Easy-to-understand directions combined with the picture of your building from the outside will do the trick!

Description of the space (office, desk, conference room) – we suggest adding a unique feature of the particular space such as “corner office, “restricted access,” etc. It will help the client learn more about your office and understand e.g., the price difference between two 5-people offices in your offer.

Amenities are simply the services and features that your space offers. It’s important to provide relevant amenities offered by your venue filling in additional information regarding parking and its cost – it is one of the most frequently asked questions.

Location remember to include a short description of the location
It is a good idea to provide extra information about your area, such as useful transport links to airports, City Center, underground or tram stations or key landmarks located nearby. This is especially useful for foreign companies looking for their first location in the city who may be unfamiliar with the urban layout. 

For example:

-Office is located a 5-minute walk from Hyde Park, near Paddington railway station, offering express links to Heathrow Airport.
– Situated near King’s Cross St Pancras tube station, St Pancras train station, and multiple bus stops.
-Office is located a close distance from Monument Underground Station, a 25min DLR journey from London City Airport.
-Located near the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, the office is located close to Tower Hill Underground Station and a 10min walk to Sky Garden’s (London’s highest public garden with a 360-degree view of the city’s iconic skyline).

So, are you ready to upload your venue and increase your exposure on the office market? At ShareSpace, we have developed cutting-edge and fully proprietary technology that digitalizes and speeds up the entire office lease journey by up to 80%. 

We’ve seen it work from search to signature for hundreds of venue hosts and clients!
Be in the loop, put this information to practice, increase exposure and start closing deals without delay!

ShareSpace is the world’s first marketplace & transaction management SaaS for commercial office space leasing, offering a streamlined and fully digitalized 5- step office search process.
Have more questions? Contact one of our advisors to learn more about ShareSpace.

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