Today’s workspace needs to be agile and adaptive to accomplish a modern workforce’s needs. When EIT InnoEnergy was looking to optimize its traditional office space in light of post-pandemic changes, ShareSpace facilitated a streamlined lease transaction of an optimized serviced office. We sit down with Jolanta Łomakin, Management Assistant at EIT InnoEnergy Central Europe, to find out more details. 

EIT InnoEnergy is one of the world’s largest investors in sustainable energy innovation. The company focuses on supporting the energy transition and is a leading force in developing sustainable energy, providing the technologies and skills needed to meet the EU Green Deal and European decarbonization targets.

EIT InnoEnergy is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (an initiative of the European Union) and shareholders who are leading global innovators in sustainable energy and industry. These include TOTAL, EDF, Volkswagen, Capgemini, Schneider Electric, and Tauron.

“The main criterion behind our choice was the flexibility of the space. […] We wanted to make sure we made the best possible decision for the company. ShareSpace provided concrete data that enabled us to make that decision.”

-Jolanta Łomakin, Management Assistant at EIT InnoEnergy Central Europe

Can you introduce InnoEnergy to our readers?

InnoEnergy is a European company founded in 2010. At InnoEnergy, we invest in innovative projects in the field of green transformation, i.e., energy derived from renewable sources.

In addition to our Krakow office, InnoEnergy is based in Germany, France, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, and the USA.

Can you tell us a little more about the work model you have implemented at InnoEnergy?

Since the pandemic, we have been operating within a hybrid work model. Although last fall an idea arose to return to working from the office almost entirely, the staff became so used to the option of working remotely that our management decided to continue with the hybrid work model. Depending on their role, InnoEnergy Central Europe employees can decide when they want to come to the office and when they would rather work from home.

As you mentioned before, the pandemic highlighted the need to optimize your office space. Can you tell us more about that? 

Although our previous office was quite nice, a sizable amount of space was not being used there since many employees were working from home. This made the office feel empty and deserted. You could say it was lacking some life.

Initially, we considered staying with leasing a traditional office space. However, over time, we found that despite moving to a smaller office, it still might not solve the feeling of empty space. The next step was a decision to rent a serviced office. We liked the idea of a common space shared with other tenants, where we could meet and talk to others. 

What was the process of finding and leasing the office like? 

Firstly, we determined which part of Kraków we wanted to have our new office located in. The moment we decided that we were leaning toward the idea of renting a serviced office, we did our own research on available locations. That’s when we came across the ShareSpace search engine, which we used to find four potential offices. We managed to narrow down the search thanks to the available filters. At this stage, we contacted ShareSpace inquiring for more details. An Advisor contacted us shortly after. 

It took us two business days to set up office visits to see all four workspaces. The office tours themselves took us one day. The later decision-making process was more complex and took a little more time.

What was the main criterion that determined the office you chose?

The main criterion behind our choice was the flexibility of the space. When we reached the stage of choosing between the final two offices, it took us about a month and a half to talk with their space operators. Our goal was to determine the range of changes that could be made to the space. We wanted to make sure we made the best possible decision for the company. ShareSpace provided concrete data that enabled us to make that decision.

What did the communication with office operators look like?

After visiting the offices, we were set up with a profile [on ShareSpace], which enabled us to communicate with the space operators. It’s a very practical solution because all communication could happen through the use of this very tool.

How did the office found through ShareSpace meet your expectations?

Our new office met our expectations in a number of ways. There is a common area, and the place itself is modern and nicely furnished. The location, with its easy commute options, also speaks for itself. Employees can use various amenities, including bicycle parking (we have a number of bicycle commuters, so this was an important factor for us). 

In addition to a functional common area, we also wanted well-designated office space for our company. In addition to several offices, we also have two small rooms at our disposal. Of course, additional rooms and phone booths are also available for reservation.

You mentioned that InnoEnergy’s last office was a traditional workspace, while the new office is a flex (serviced) space. What differences have you noticed between the previous and current office models?

From a purely formal point of view, we now have fewer invoices to take care of. For example, we no longer have to worry about whether beverages, coffee, or cleaning products have been ordered… All this is provided, and we receive one invoice for all these services. It’s a very convenient solution. 

How does having a serviced office allow for effective networking and community building?

The common space, mainly a kitchen with an adjacent dining and lounge area, is excellent for networking with other office tenants. This is one of the elements that drove our decision to switch from a traditional to a serviced office lease. During the pandemic, when the number of people working from the office dropped significantly, we missed more social interactions and building new connections, both of which are important to us.

It has been almost two months since your move into the new location. How do employees feel about the new office?

Although many employees were working in an open space area in the previous office, this system did not work entirely well. 

Many employees were also in favor of working as part of their teams within smaller workspaces. Now, in the new office, everyone can find some space for themselves, which has made this workspace a lot more comfortable. 

Is there any advice you would give to other companies looking for an office?

Consulting an Advisor is probably the best advice I could personally give to companies looking for an office. It speeds up the office search process tremendously. At all times, we could count on and benefit from the Advisor’s expert knowledge. This includes, for instance, formal and legal issues and matters related to the lease agreement, but not only that. We could also count on advice on issues related to the functionality of the space and its adaptation to our company’s specific needs. As a result, we were able to take into account potentially important aspects of the lease that we had not previously thought of.

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