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Al. Jana Pawła II 29, Wola, Varsó

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Atrium Plaza is one of the most recognizable office buildings on Warsaw's map, located on Śródmieście's western border with Wola district. The most famous objects in the city such as shopping mall Złote Tarasy, Main Railway Station and Palace of Culture are just two tramway stops away from the business centre. Atrium is perfectly communicated with other parts of the city as you can easily get there by both - public and private transport. In the building you may find many facilities and service premises like private Medical Centre Enel Med, restaurants and cafeterias. On the opposite site of the Jana Pawła Avenue you can take a rest at Mirowski park or enjoy your lunch break at food market located nearby.
Regus Atrium is a cozy business centre which undergone a complex renovation. It offers a wide selection of hot desks and private offices capable to accommodate small, medium and large size companies. Modern interiors finished with white and wooden furniture with some colour accents include office space, common areas with spacious kitchen and three meeting rooms. Whole area is being supervised an managed by experienced staff who is ready to help you with some administrative support such as mail handling, printing or guests welcoming.
In case of renting space dedicated to a bigger number of people by a smaller team it's possible to receive a discount of 165 pln/month (payment for coffee/tea/water service counted for each person actually renting the space).

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