During our conversation with Alexandra Yakunina, CEO of Queen Bee, we learned how their new office allows Queen Bee to work around the clock, what criteria are crucial for a company’s office in the iGambling industry, and how ShareSpace has streamlined the process of leasing their space.

Queen Bee is a company specializing in creating live-streaming online games such as Roulette and Black Jack. Recently, with the help of ShareSpace, Queen Bee leased more than 800 m.sq. of traditional office space in Krakow’s K1

Aleksandra Yakunina, CEO Queen Bee Poland

“Without the help of Noemi and ShareSpace, we would not have been able to rent an office in such a short time. That’s why we would recommend ShareSpace to others.”

– Aleksandra Yakunina, CEO Queen Bee Poland

iGambling is a relatively new industry. What is it, and how does Queen Bee fit within it?

Queen Bee Poland is a company operating in a relatively new, but the fast-growing industry in Poland known as iGambling. iGambling (Live Dealer Studio) is based on various types of online games in which players can participate live.

While Queen Bee does deal with gambling, it is not a casino per se. In simple terms, our business model is based on providing live-streaming of games that customers from all over the world order from us.

Our company deals with three variants of such games, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette. We refer to them as “elegant games”. Why? Because they are classic games played by equally elegant people.

Game Presenters inside the new Queen Bee in Krakow

You mentioned that streaming is broadcast 24/7. Can you tell us more about how you manage the space that serves you non-stop around the clock?

Working 24/7 means that our employees, Game Presenters, work in 2 shifts, day or night, during which they run games in the studio.

On the technical side, in the studio, we use software and equipment based on Japanese technology. These are best suited to our needs and allow us to broadcast live-streaming 24/7.

Besides Game Presenters, we of course also have a management team that takes care of the administrative side of the company. Management includes, among others, the company’s owners Slava Mackevics and Andris Zunda, a studio director, an accountant, and a Talent Specialist who is responsible for managing human resources.

What led you to choose leasing office space in K1 in Krakow?

Slava Mackevics and Andris Zunda, the company’s founders, have quite a reputation in our industry. In terms of the way they run their business, they have an innovative approach to problem-solving and decision-making. During their initial “research” of the best location for their new office, they decided to personally fly to Krakow and explore the city by touring it via trams, electric scooters, and bicycles. Their goal was to familiarize themselves with the area from the public transportation perspective. It was then that the K1 office building caught their attention. It was well situated and allowed easy access by public transport and the other mentioned methods of travel. The neighborhood also turned out to be ideal, it was evident that the area is constantly developing. There are universities nearby and a lot of students. Just a really great location.

Not long after deciding on this location, they met Noemi (ShareSpace Advisor), whom they contacted using the ShareSpace website. Noemi helped to streamline the communication process related to leasing the space.

She was also helpful in coordinating with office building management on any decisions related to adapting the office to Queen Bee’s needs.

Studio space – Queen Bee Poland

How do you accommodate the requirements of an administrative and live-streaming space within your office?

We manage to do this thanks to the well-arranged spheres we have sectioned off within our space. The management works in well-designed offices. On the other hand, Presenters and Managers who manage a particular shift work in high-quality finished studio space. There are also rooms such as a relaxation area, kitchen, locker room, dressing room, and make-up room, all of which are available to employees.

For you, a company operating in the iGambling industry, what are the most important criteria that an ideal office should meet?

There is no doing without a top-quality Internet network. What is also absolutely crucial is the aspect we mentioned earlier, which is the option to divide the space into an office and studio area.

It is imperative to be able to block out daylight in the studio part and install a large amount of professional video and audio recording equipment.

With all the meetings we have in our company, the office area must feature several smaller individual offices for each member of the management team. Each of these offices should also be comfortably and aesthetically decorated.

Another requirement is that our space should be comfortable and nice, so the possibility of furnishing the office according to our preferences is important to us.

How does your new office reflect the style and culture of Queen Bee Poland?

Our office is an elegant and classy space that reflects the company’s values. This is very important to us, since our company mostly employs people in the 18-27 age range, and we want the office to appeal to them and to be a pleasure to work in. We take care of every detail – from the coffee mugs to the sofas in the relaxation area. There’s also a comfortable dressing room and a make-up room complete with make-up products, where our presenters can get ready and change (into elegant gowns and suits) before entering the studio.

Would you recommend ShareSpace to other companies looking for new space, especially those in the iGambling industry?

Because Queen Bee is a company operating in the demanding iGambling industry, and especially because most of the company’s Management is not from Poland, we are aware that without the help of Noemi and ShareSpace we would not have been able to rent an office in such a short time. Therefore, we would recommend ShareSpace to others.

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K1 office building, Krakow

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