Carlsquare, a leading global corporate finance advisory firm, is excited to announce the opening of its new office in Warsaw. As a global tech investment bank for growth companies and innovative businesses, Carlsquare aims to tap into the thriving Polish market and expand its M&A Advisory services to the rapidly growing businesses in the region. 
In their search for the ideal office space, Carlsquare partnered with ShareSpace, a technology-first office broker that provides comprehensive solutions for businesses seeking their dream workspace.

Ethos: A Stylish and Vibrant Location

Carlsquare has found the perfect setting for their new office at Ethos, a prestigious building located in the heart of Warsaw at Three Crosses Square. This bustling and popular area is known for its vibrant atmosphere, surrounded by popular attractions such as Park Łazienki, Nowy Świat, and Mokotowska Street. With an array of restaurants, cafes, and clubs in close proximity, Ethos offers a dynamic environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and networking opportunities.

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ShareSpace: The Perfect Advisor for Commercial Negotiations

During their search for an office space in Warsaw, Carlsquare partnered with ShareSpace, a leading office broker known for its technology-driven solutions and expert advisory services. ShareSpace guided Carlsquare throughout the commercial negotiations, leveraging their extensive industry knowledge and vast network to ensure a successful outcome. With ShareSpace’s support, Carlsquare secured the ideal office space that aligned with their requirements, allowing them to establish a strong presence in the Polish market seamlessly.

Carlsquare Challenges

Finding the right office space in a prime location was of utmost importance, as it would serve as the foundation for their operations and client interactions. Additionally, Carlsquare needed a workspace that reflected their corporate culture, providing a comfortable and inspiring environment for their team members and clients alike. Overcoming these challenges required a strategic approach and a reliable partner to navigate the complex real estate landscape.

The Outcome: A Perfect Match for Growth and Innovation

With ShareSpace’s guidance, Carlsquare successfully leased an office space at Ethos, fulfilling their requirements for a prime location in Warsaw, Śródmieście and a high-quality workspace. The prestigious Three Crosses Square provides the perfect backdrop for their business operations, offering proximity to key attractions and amenities. The Ethos building itself ensures a stylish and comfortable work environment, fostering productivity and creativity among Carlsquare’s team members.


As Carlsquare continues to expand its international presence, with the support of ShareSpace and their new office at Ethos, Carlsquare is poised to make a significant impact in the Polish M&A market and contribute to the growth and success of the industries they serve.

“As we embark on this exciting journey of expanding our operations into Poland, we are thrilled to partner with ShareSpace in securing our new office space at Ethos. The vibrant and dynamic environment of Three Crosses Square aligns perfectly with our vision. We look forward to leveraging our new office to further strengthen our presence in Poland and deliver exceptional results for our clients.” – Jorge Abugaber, Managing Partner 

I am proud to have represented Carlsquare, the global tech-focused investment bank  focusing on IT and software companies, as it reflects the increasing recognition of Poland as a prominent tech hub. Having represented various IT firms previously this transaction confirms Poland’s position and its flourishing tech ecosystem, which has attracted numerous IT and software companies seeking to establish their presence and leverage the country’s competitive advantages.” – Dorota Jędrych, Real Estate Transaction Manager, ShareSpace

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