“We are impressed with the office leasing process by ShareSpace. The intuitive dashboard makes it an easy and user-friendly experience. We also appreciate the help from ShareSpace advisors. Thanks to them, we found a comfortable and professional space.”

Paweł Malon, Marek Jakubow
Managing Directors at Stability Capital

Industry: Investment management
Featured client: Stability Capital

Stability Capital is a search fund, which offers a new approach to investments combining operational and financial management. Right now, it is looking for one company to invest in and take over its day-to-day management and operations.

The company’s founders combine unique skills with experience and are supported by the best Polish entrepreneurs, family businesses, and international investors. 

Stability Capital – Paweł Malon, Marek Jakubow in their serviced office in Warsaw
Paweł Malon and Marek Jakubow at their Warsaw office

The challenge

Stability Capital was looking for its first office in Warsaw. Previously, the founders had worked remotely, but it quickly became apparent that they needed a professional and prestigious space for business meetings.

“After a few months of intense work, we realized that an office was a must. We needed a representative space where we could invite our potential partners. Then we turned to ShareSpace,” says Paweł Malon, Managing Director at Stability Capital.

Other needs of Stability Capital included:

– a central location
– a permanent access to conference and meeting rooms
– natural light in the office
– a possibility to use hot desks

Spaces Marszałkowska – serviced office space in Warsaw
Spaces Marszałkowska coworking zone

Our solution

Although the range of available options initially seemed vast, it quickly became apparent that the search could be narrowed down to several locations. The serviced office market in Warsaw is dynamically changing, resulting in the limited availability of the desired office space. 

Ultimately, Stability Capital made a decision based on location and attractive office lease costs.

The choice was Spaces Marszałkowska – a new office building at the intersection of Marszałkowska and Świętokrzyska streets in Warsaw. 

Spaces Marszałkowska – serviced office space in Warsaw
Spaces Marszałkowska is located next to the metro Świętokrzyska

The results

Spaces Marszałkowska is not only a prestigious address (Marszałkowska 126/134). It is also a well-adapted workspace that can be furnished and equipped according to the client’s needs. Available amenities include whiteboards, adjustable desks, and ergonomic chairs. 

“We are very pleased with our choice. The comfort of the workspace allows us to focus on what is most important – growing our business. We work in both the private office and the open coworking space. We also have access to numerous conference rooms where we can meet our partners,” comments Marek Jakubow, Managing Director at Stability Capital.

Paweł Malon and Marek Jakubow emphasize that the most significant advantage of the entire office rental process was its simplicity and transparency. Thanks to the innovative ShareSpace dashboard, they could lease an office and sign the agreement online in 5 simple steps.

Spaces Marszałkowska offers a variety of conference rooms
Spaces Marszałkowska offers a variety of conference rooms
Spaces Marszałkowska offers a variety of conference rooms
Spaces Marszałkowska offers a variety of conference rooms


Spaces Marszałkowska is located in the heart of Warsaw, surrounded by cafes, restaurants, and shops. The nearby Świętokrzyska metro station guarantees quick and easy access from any part of the city. 

In addition to serviced office space, Spaces also offers its tenants a common green area and a café with freshly brewed coffee. 


The transparent and structured office leasing process enabled Stability Capital to rent an office in 3 weeks.

If you would like to rent an affordable office space, try our search engine, compare offices and tailor the results to your needs. We will be most happy to assist you.

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