Coworking Desks are the heart of the sharing economy.

If your office arsenal contains a smartphone, laptop and coffee mug, then our coworking desks (hotdesks) will provide you with the functionality and space needed to work on your project effectively. Coworking spaces offer a common, creative environment to work. Here you will openly share your idea and vision, and freely consult people with a similar, creative attitude towards business. Encounter new innovative ideas and access the community of professionals in a dynamic and creative atmosphere. Booking Coworking desks online by the day, month or more is like your personal "think tank" on the call.

ShareSpace helps 21st-century entrepreneurs by offering spaces that optimally combine flexibility with work comfort.

When you need your own 4 walls to help you focus on another big project or to make a private phone call, you can always switch to a private office.

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