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A space that allows all teams to work at maximum efficiency

“Our growing team needed new space, so we asked ShareSpace to help us find it.”

Patrycja Szostakowska

People & Operations Leader Codility





Key Codility Gains:

Business autonomy
Specially separated space, with its own reception desk, branding and autonomous network
It’s mind-beagle-ing
The animal friendly space increases the comfort of the employees, who now have the opportunity to take their pets to the workplace
The solutions offered by ShareSpace allowed to complete the transaction in less than a month
Thanks to the chat module with the operator, the right people could ask questions immediately and get an answer
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A space that supports business goals

Fruit Thursdays don't impress anyone anymore. The workspace should support mental processes, help to focus, relax and attract new talents. Even the best-managed organization in the wrong space starts to slow down instead of accelerating. The office, designed on the basis of research on the influence of the environment on work, guarantees better well-being of employees, positively influencing their results.

Headquarters module provides full business autonomy

Codility was looking for a space that would accommodate the entire team and at the same time meet the highest security standards. A space created especially for developing organizations, separated from the general coworking space with its own reception desk, kitchen, separate offices, relaxation areas, and additionally animal friendly and guaranteeing full autonomy of business.

All your IT needs in one place

Due to the specificity of the offered product, from the very first meeting we were sure that the desired location outside the standard coworking space must meet all the needs of the IT department. From a secure connection to a secure server room.

From a task to a solution in less than a month

After a thorough examination of Codility needs, we proposed headquarters module - created especially for large organizations. Thanks to the tools offered by our platform, all decision-makers could ask questions directly to the operator. As practice shows, it allows to shorten the transaction time by up to 80%, saving unnecessary costs and administration.

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