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The bigger the space, the bigger the challenge

“An attractive location and extraordinary benefits support the recruitment process of new talent, which is really important for an innovative organization like PayU”

Katarzyna Szymczak

HR Manager PayU





Key PayU Gains:

98% satisfaction among employees
Instant positive feedback from almost all employees
Growth in new talent acquisition
A well located and modern office helped source top talent
An absence of up-front and fit-out costs
Single all-inclusive monthly bill
Free afternoon prosecco on tap
No need to explain
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Not many people like to work in small, crowded places. But what if the space is too big? It's not only suffocating but also stands in a way of community building between employees and disturbs growth of the company its employees. Big and unflexible office space began to be a real problem for PayU. Each extra day in their former office was generating costs for company.

Start to finish in 14 days

When we met for the first time it quickly become obvious that solution is simple, a coworking space. The whole transaction from contact with ShareSpace to singing the lease agreement took less than 14 days.

Positive Feedback

On entering their new office, employee satisfaction went through the roof with a 98% approval rate. Dedicated conference rooms, chillout areas and free after-work prosecco was exactly what PayU employees needed. In addition to current employees, PayU's new office also attracted new talent. The flexibility of the lease allows PayU to quickly increase and decrease the amount of required workstations.

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