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An office powering a true round-the-clock experience from Conectys

"With the value that our new location brings, we can not only deliver the highest quality of services but also to contribute to local development "

Arnold Cobbaert

CEO Conectys





Key Conectys gains:

A space that grows with the company
The location in Poznań was chosen not by accident. In view of the time-consuming nature of the work We have provided the best scalable solution for the recruitment process. Within 6 days from the notification of the need.
Acquisition of new talent
The excellent location of the new office helped to attract new employees
Thanks to the technology provided by our platform, each page had a full insight into the whole of the process from start to finish.
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"It boasts the proximity of almost 25 universities and a mature and well-developed higher education system attracts students from neighbouring countries. Moreover, the proximity of Poznań to Germany makes it a perfect place to handle the needs of outsourcing the German language. We invest heavily in recruitment, development and local management. With award-winning tools and processes combined with an impressive multilingual pool of top talent, our customers gain a tremendous market advantage. We are happy to help them achieve their goals. Thanks to the value of our new location, we can not only deliver the highest quality services, but also contribute to local development." - Arnold Cobbaert, CEO of Conectys

A space that works 24 hours a day

Conectys has been providing comprehensive outsourcing services for business for more than a decade now. over 32 languages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the constant expansion, Conectys is opening up new branches. This time Poznań was chosen. The company has put in front of ShareSpace is a huge challenge: it needed a space that could possibly be used Increase rapidly due to the planned employment, as many as 200 people!

A scalable solution to suit your needs

"The Conectys needed space to work in a three-shift system that would will not only provide comfort for employees, but also support the acquisition of new ones talents. The choice of Business Link Marathon confirms that the location is a key factor. an element for every organization. Many years of experience of Cushman & Wakefield in combination with the technology offered by ShareSpace allowed us to precise and Rapid response to all customer needs". - Grzegorz Bobrowski Negotiator Cushman & Wakefield

Attractive location

The branch in Poznań quickly became a home for new talents. Thus the centre in Wielkopolska has joined the branches in the USA, Belgium and the Philippines providing new companies from the high-tech, telecommunication, finance, travel and finance sectors with hotels, games and entertainment, BPO services.

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