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“ShareSpace provided us with a brief on the current market conditions. The opportunities that ShareSpace helped us secure directly answered all our office and business needs.”

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Key SpaceOS Gains:

Global Office Access
Global remote offices and meeting rooms accessible via mobile app
Collaborative Environment
The office fosters a collaborative, startup environment
Fast Process
1 week, from contact to move-in
Our system helped obtain green lights from all necessary parties
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Imagine the following work schedule: Monday: a meetup with contractors in Lisbon, Wednesday: networking conference in Dublin, Friday: negotiating terms with potential clients in Quebec. Handling international business can be exhausting. Especially when you need to divide some of your precious time towards searching for new office space in several locations worldwide. At first glance, it seems like an impossible task. Don't worry, that's why we are here. We are ShareSpace and we're here to assist you.

SpaceOS, is a prop tech startup. It's focused on delivering integrated SaaS solutions. Spread across Dublin, Warsaw, and Lisbon it offers to improve the daily activities of tenants, by giving them a remote control to connect with their workplace. The tenant-facing mobile and web app combines features like community, booking, support, payments, food & beverage orders and a variety of services, compiled into one holistic SaaS product. Integrated communication panel for tenants, push notifications about events happening in the office, easy access-control without cards, keys or generic codes - those are just a few functions provided by spaceOS mobile app.

Worldwide reach and constant development of their product convinced spaceOS to look for office space that will deliver much more than just standard package offered by other coworking spaces. The company was especially focused on worldwide access which will allow them to be closer to key clients and partners, and remain mobile. A global coworking environment is the bread and butter of their product, being a part of this environment offers real-time, end-user feedback that skyrockets their product growth.

Business-driven Shortlisting

We approach all clients from a business-first perspective. The real estate mentality of “location, location, location” is so 2000. Your office needs to become investment, working for your company day and night. Maciej (SpaceOS CEO) reached out to us, and after a collaborative process of identifying all of SpaceOS’s needs we took on the challenge and offered a shortlist of office spaces that can drive their development. A combination of private offices from WeWork prevailed as the natural choice. This solution allowed not only instant access to workstations but also membership access to many different locations worldwide. Everything was available with one press of a button in a mobile app - something the SpaceOS team is accustomed to.

Thanks to our understanding of the client needs, spaceOS not only got access to office locations worldwide but also saved time and got new attractive terms of lease. And there is more: now they have the possibility of user research at the current office spaces which is connected with future spaceOS product growth. After all, data is the king!

Effective Pricing and Negotiations

Not all spaces are cut from the same cloth. The cloths can get expensive as well. We keep on-top of all market insights to help our clients move fast and gain advantage of all current offers. This allowed us to secure a special, pre-opening rates fast. Leveraging our personal connections allowed us to keep competition out of the equation during the negotiation process. Needless to say allowing Maciej to focus on his day to day tasks with ease.

Collaborative Process Management

Managing stakeholders in a fast-paced, time-restricted negotiation process can be quite a hurdle. Getting the a-ok for the new office from your IT, Legal and making sure your team is on board with the decision is a challenging task. Leveraging the collaborative ShareSpace communication dashboard gave Maciej unparalleled insight into the transaction, connecting his team and the landlord directly, eliminating the middleman and any potential echo-effect. Right questions, asked by the right people, answered by the right people, at the right time. That’s what we’re all about.

SpaceOS’s mission has always been to improve the daily lives of humans interacting with buildings through a digital layer. You can imagine why they hold a special place in our heart.

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